Aspirational Magazine reprise sponsorship of Nottingham Post Sports Awards

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Submitted by beth on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 11:52

One of the East Midlands’ leading luxury lifestyle publications is once again putting their name to the Nottingham Post Sports Awards ahead of its anticipated return on Thursday 31 October.

Each year the event attracts an impressive line-up of sponsors and supporters and Aspirational Magazine is one such name that has long been associated with the event.

The magazine, which is distributed across the East Midlands bi-annually and reaches an impressive readership of 85,000, is proudly sponsoring the Under 19/School Team of the Year award.

Open to a school, college or youth team that has inspiring achievements under its belt, it is one of the 15 categories being celebrated during the special ceremony at the East Midlands Conference Centre.

Of the category and their involvement, Aspirational Magazine’s Editor Sophia Hayes said: “Perhaps the greatest part of these awards is their inclusivity.

“It would be easy for an event of this kind to place sole focus on the efforts of professional sportspeople competing at international levels.

“But through the categories they celebrate it’s much more than that – it’s a celebration of all levels, abilities and personal achievement. And that’s why we are always quick off the mark to get involved.

“As for our sponsorship of the Under 19/School Team of the Year award we want to praise the sheer passion and often patience, it takes to play as part of a team. And if we can play a role in keeping the younger generation engaged in sport and a healthier lifestyle then that’s only a bonus.”

Throughout the awards evening, trophies will be presented to the winners of each category by the sponsors and when it comes to the winners of their category, Ms Hayes had a clear vision in mind.  

“While we don’t have a role in the judging process for this category we do have an idea of what the winning team will look like.

“Firstly they will have racked up some stellar wins in whatever sporting discipline it is they compete in.

“Secondly though and most importantly of all, the individuals that make up the team will have an unbreakable respect for one another. The comradery between teammates will be strong and see them celebrate their highs and come together in times of defeat.

“We’re very much looking forward to crowing this year’s winning team!”

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